Dienstag, 25. Oktober 2011

Digitial suitcase in Berlin

Matthias picked up the digital suitcase on November, 19th in Vienna. After walking around with the suitcase in Vienna he decided to take it to his home.
digital suitcase was picked up by Matthias in Vienna
on a trip through Vienna he passed the TU Vienna
He combined our project with the yarn street art in vienna
The digital suitcase find a new home somewhere in Austria

 A few days later Matthias traveled with the suitcase to Berlin. He wrote a nice report, which will be posted in the next couple of days. In Berlin he had a walk as well as in Vienna. Afterwards he placed the digital suitcase in Berlin Mitte - Koppenplatz
The suitcase and the famous S-Bahn of Berlin
Matthias and his suitcase modification
Koppenplatz in Berlin Mitte
The last placement and picture of the suitcase
 Unfortunately, the localization of the digital suitcase is dead for more than two weeks now. We visited the Koppenplatz several days after the placement. The suitcase was already gone. We hope it will appear somewhere and some day again... 

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