Montag, 20. Juni 2011

Preparing the suitcases

After some visits at Volkshilfe, Linz flea market, and some supermarkets we found our final components. The next step was designing the suitcases. Make the suitcases somehow clearly visible for the people on public spaces was one of the most difficult tasks. We decided to write the name of our project with a very bright neon colour on our suitcases. We hope that causes enough attraction. In the end we placed our components in an order, so that attracts people to join our project. Here are some pictures of our suitcases.

Preparing and defining the instructions

After some conversations we found the final construction for each suitcase. Of course the instructions of the digital and analog suitcase differs. Here you can see our instructions:

The analog suitcase instructions:

 The digital suitcase: