Dienstag, 20. September 2011

Placement of the digital suitcase at Ars Electronica Festival

The starting place of our project was the University in Linz. After preparing the digital suitcase we had to wait for an appropriate event. The Ars Electronica Festival (for media, art, science and society) in Linz was perfect for it. So on Sunday afternoon, September 4th, we started to place the suitcase in front of the main entrance of the Bruckner Haus in Linz. The Ars Electronica staff was in the beginning a little bit skeptical what's up with this suitcase. After a short exploration of the suitcase content, everything went on without problems.

Starting point University

Main entrance Ars Electronica Festival

Ars staff don't know what's going on

After the Ars staff observation some Ars Electronica visitors were super curious and opened the suitcase. They investigated the content of the suitcase and read the instructions. Unfortunately, they just looked at the content and closed the suitcase again. So the suitcase had to wait until someone else would take and place it somewhere.

Some interested people
Some more interested people

Take it or leave it?!
They took it. The suitcase travels now!

And finally, the digital suitcase was taken by two women. We guess they placed the suitcase at the Pfarrplatz in Linz. But we are not 100% sure...

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